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Blue Face Rose | Home Decor Canvas Poster | Wall Art Picture Poster | No Frame | DIY

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The Posters you see here are very unique and great for niches rose lovers, because the mixture of expressionism and realism creates a amazing scenery for any room or DIY project.

This poster is not created by W.IA Gallery, but is a reproduction for rose lovers and home improvement decorators. Poster and Canvas Prints are for specific Niches and affordable home decor projects, these are not intended for art collectors and are not original  handmade paintings.


 This Cotton Poster is a print of a original painting and is not the original painting its self. but is intend for quick low budget home decor projects, such as room design and decoration.

  •  Figure Painting
  •   Unframed
  • Canvas
  •  Modern Art/ Home Decor
  • Abstract painting
  • Posters and Print
Due to high demand Posters and Canvas Prints, may take up to 2-4 weeks, these products are freshly printed and produced for your satisfaction.

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Due to high demand some products such as, Posters, Canvas Prints, ect... may take up to 2-4 weeks, these products are freshly printed and produced for your satisfaction. 

Art collectors are fully responsible for protection of Certificate of Authentication once purchased and received. 

We strongly believe in the DaDa Movement of art, so all art is sold as is, no exceptions, refunds will only be permitted if fine art is received broken due to shipping issues. Read Are Money-Back Policy Below

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Our Money-Back Policy

        If the item is received damaged, we require a email of the defective product, shipping information, products name and time of purchase, for insurance purposes. Once everything is verified a refund will be made with in 30 days.

We have a no return policy all art is sold as is, there will only be a refund on defective purchases.